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Peanut oil buying skills

2022-05-14 09:19:06

1、"Look" :Look at the oil color.High quality peanut oil is light yellow transparent,bright color,no precipitation material,and dark color,muddy for inferior peanut oil.But now counterfeiting technology of peanut oil is higher and higher,some unscrupulous traders will not only with other price lower quality goods cooking oil instead of peanut oil,some even add some chemicals in cooking oil,make inferior oil seems to be high quality peanut oil"beauty","great taste"is not pure peanut oil.

2、"Smell":smell oil.Peanut oil manufacturers high quality peanut oil fragrance,pure taste;Rich flavor and peanut flavor is not enough,there is bad smell for inferior oil;Can also drop one to two drops of peanut oil to the palm,rub to the palm fever,get the nose smell,pure peanut oil can smell the rich peanut oil fragrance,peanut oil mixed with fragrance began to have a slight peanut oil fragrance; Knead again,the pure peanut oil still retains a strong fragrance of peanut oil,while the adulterated peanut oil becomes less and less fragrant,and may produce peculiar smell in this process.

3、"Frozen":Refrigerate peanut oil.This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to identify peanut oil,especially in winter.Put the oil in the refrigerator at 10 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes.Half of the pure peanut oil has started to solidify.The"peanut oil"mixed with a lot of soybean oil is only slightly solidified at the bottom,while the"peanut oil"mixed with palm oil is mostly or entirely solidified,and the place where it crystallizes is white.If it's a cold day,you don't even need to put it in the freezer,just put it out on the balcony for a while,and you'll see the difference.

4、"Stir-fry":Try it yourself while stir-frying.Pure peanut oil,no overflow pot,no foam,no lampblack,pleasant fragrance for high quality peanut oil.Heated easy overflow pot, foam,oil smoke,and even dark,black for inferior peanut oil.

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