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What is the value of peanut oil?

2022-06-24 11:32:50

Peanut oil,which has a peanut flavor,has already become a major edible oil in Chinese People's Daily life.Peanut oil can not only provide a lot of nutrition to the human body,but also enrich the taste of food,and really "add oil" for your food.At the same time,peanut oil is an important raw material that constitutes a variety of tissue components in the human body.

1、Slow down aging.

Peanut oil also contains a variety of anti-aging ingredients,has the effect of delaying brain function.Flower butter also has the effect of invigorating the spleen and runfei,resolving the accumulation of food and driving dirty insects.

2、To prevent disease

Nutrition experts also contain 3 kinds of health care components in peanut oil that are beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:it is a chemical preventive agent for tumor diseases,and also a chemical preventive agent for reducing platelet aggregation,preventing arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3、Zinc supplementation

The zinc content of peanut oil is many times that of salad oil,corn oil,canola oil and soybean oil.Although there are many ways to supplement zinc,oil is a daily essential supplement for people,so eating peanut oil is particularly suitable for the public zinc.

4、Improves memory

It is one of the ideal edible oils for middle-aged and elderly people.Choline in peanut oil can also improve the memory of human brain and delay the decline of brain function.

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