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Why is peanut oil more expensive than other oils?

2022-07-06 04:27:36

一、Less consumer groups.Although peanut oil is good,many people also know,but the peanut oil cooking has a taste,like we often eat have been used to people,but ok.But for some people who are not used to eating peanut oil,especially the pure peanut oil has a strong smell,so many people can not accept it.This is one of the reasons why peanut oil is not accepted by many consumers.

二、It's a little expensive.Peanut oil may be one of the most nutritious and healthy vegetable oils,but it's still a little expensive for the general public.Of course peanut oil is expensive for a reason,because that's where the cost is.But the majority of consumers would rather choose the price of a little cheaper corn oil,although corn oil is not as good as peanut oil,but it is also the cheaper vegetable oil,the price is lower,so fewer people buy peanut oil.

三、Market trust issues.At present, the problem of edible oil is common in the market.To be honest,the so-called pure peanut oil on the market right now,for an old hand like me,is a fool's game.People who have really eaten pure peanut oil can distinguish,most of them are tempered,and there is no such fragrance as peanut oil.And these fake pure peanut oil will also impact the real pure peanut oil market,confusing people's discrimination,so that we lose trust in the market of peanut oil.On the other hand,the price of peanut oil on the market is not cheap,and the price of peanut oil squeezed by farmers is the same,which makes consumers do not know which to choose,so we would rather eat other cooking oil.

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