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What are the advantages and disadvantages of peanut oil?

2022-07-12 09:32:00

Peanuts are also high in folic acid. China's Ministry of Health has advocated pregnant women to supplement folic acid to prevent birth defects.American health authorities are advising older adults to eat peanut products in an effort to prevent alzheimer's disease.According to a food ingredient list released by the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, peanut oil contains 8.48 milligrams of zinc per 100 grams.The content is 37 times that of salad oil,16 times that of canola oil and seven times that of soybean oil.As we all know,zinc is an indispensable trace element in human body.More zinc supplementation can enhance the human body's resistance to disease,delay the decline of brain cells and human function.Children eat more zinc rich food,can enhance appetite,promote physical growth and intellectual development.People in the north who eat peanut oil tend to be taller than those in the south,thanks in part to zinc.

Disadvantages:Peanut oil is relatively high in saturated fatty acids,more than 20%,so it is not ideal for reducing cholesterol.Peanut oil is known as "fire oil" in the folk,which means that it will make people angry,unhealthy,angry people,should not eat more peanuts and peanut oil.

One of the most serious problems is that peanuts are easily infected with mold and secrete aflatoxin B1,one of nature's most potent natural carcinogens,which can cause liver cancer.Some illegal businesses for profiteering,the use of inferior peanuts or expired mildewed peanuts pressed production of peanut oil, and in the process,aflatoxin will not be removed in the pure press process.This leads to inferior peanut oil in aflatoxin greatly exceeds the national allowable standard of 10ug/Kg.Therefore,the purchase of peanut oil must be to large supermarkets to choose the regular manufacturer's products.

Suitable population:people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or hidden dangers of such diseases,hemophiliacs,diabetes patients,adolescents,children and mental workers,middle-aged and elderly people who need to prevent senile dementia.

Unfavorable crowd:high cholesterol,prone to gastroenteritis,skin oil secretion exuberant,easy to grow acne,hit and bruise patients.

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